Jakob Høgsbro

Høgsbro_Farve-2Tritonus is directed by choir and ensemble leader as well as composer and saxophonist Jakob Høgsbro.

Jakob Høgsbro graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Music in 1997 in the subjects classical direction and rhythmic saxophone, and Tritonus is looking forward to perform both rhythmic and classical works and concerts under his supervision.

Apart from choirs, such as DiVers and Vox Humana, Jakob Høgsbro has enriched big bands, orcestra, giant communal choirs and children’s choirs with his skills in ensemble direction and entrepreneurship. Often with Høgsbro’s own arrangements and collaborations between musicians, choir and soloists.

On top of that, Jakob Høgsbro swings his saxophone in a range of bands and on his own. He has published a big production of compositions for choir, and he has released 6 CD’s in his own name.

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