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Autor: Jakob Baekgaard

Another luxurious journey in sound came from percussionist Marilyn Mazur, who closed the festival with her concert with the Tritonus Choir. The name of their project was called “Existence,” and unfolded itself like a glorious suite of poems set to music and instrumental interludes played by the quartet of Mazur, pianist Makiko Hirabayashi, bassist Klavs Hovman and saxophonist Hans Ulrik.

The texts came from both Nordic and oriental sources and it all started when members of the choir popped up from everywhere and walked around in the concert hall, whispering a poem by Vigdis Garbarek. With this introduction, the scene was set for something special and the concert turned out to be a mind-blowing experience where Mazur’s painterly percussion, the Zen-like touch of Hirabayashi’s piano and the deep grooves of Hovman were merged with Hans Ulrik’s Coltrane- like lines on the tenor.

Marilyn Mazur and Tritonus Choir © 2013 Jakob Baekgaard

The instruments were in perfect flow with the voices of the choir and brought out the philosophical aspects of the texts without succumbing to unnecessary pathos or dry intellectualism. Instead, the music and words combined into crashing waves of vitality that emphasized the rhythm and beat of life in a marvelous sound painting. When it all ended with an irresistibly charming cover of Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of life,” Mazur’s Quartet and the choir had managed to distill all the complexities of life into a life-affirming work of art.

The festival began with a concert with choir and ended with a concert with choir. It was a narrative of voices and big bands, but more than anything, it was an homage to creativity and music itself. With their tireless effort, Werner and Koppel and the team around Valby Summer Jazz have created a truly unique event that takes the perspective of the artists, but seeks to include the audience and expand their musical horizons. This year it seemed like the sky was the limit and some of the concerts played will definitely linger, as the festival moves on and prepares for another year of exciting musical meetings.

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All Photos: Jannik Knudsen


fra koncerten under CPH PIX 2013 i Hellig Kors Kirke, København



lyt til musikken her…

Oplev den svenske filmkomponist Erik Enocksson live, når han uropfører sit filmscore fra “Man tänker sitt” – arrangeret for 2 klaverer, orgel og koret Tritonus dirigeret af Lise Christensen Bjerno under Hellig Kors Kirkes hvælvinger, fredag 19. april kl. 20.00 (dørene åbner kl 19.30).

Erik Enockssons kompositioner kan bedst beskrives som fængslende folk-hymner, og komponisten og musikeren spiller sjældent, hvis aldrig, live!

Mørk akustisk ambient-musik

Aftenen i kirken byder også på en anden af Nordens mest kompromisløse lydkunstnere, nemlig norske Svarte Greiner, der har spillet en afgørende rolle på den nye såkaldte “ambiente dronescene” med  eksperimenterende lydkunst.

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